Sunday School

Sunday Mornings

9:45-10:45 AM




Our Sunday School offering each week goes to support 2 children through the Compassion International program.  We sponsor Hosea and Celeste with opportunities for Christian Education, improved medical and health benefits,  education and life-skills.  We will be holding a special event called Compassion International on Sunday, April 30.  For more information please visit





Worship at Our Savior is one basic way to learn what means to be Christian.  Children learn worship by worshiping with the whole congregation Sunday after Sunday.






  By coming to worship, your child…

  • Learns they belong to Christ and are welcome in his church
  • Comes to know the Lord’s prayer
  • Builds memorable, shared experiences with fellow Christians
  • Is enriched by music and art
  • Hears stories from the Bible
  • Witnesses baptisms and holy communion
  • Discovers that they are valued as persons by God and
  • his people.


Prayer Garden

We have a Sunday School Prayer Garden. This “garden” is a bucket of picture sticks where, each week in Sunday School, two students will be picked for the students to include in their prayers. These names will be listed in the prayer section of the bulletin. We pray that this will be an encouragement to the children and a great way to teach and participate in prayer at home.


Mission Project

The Sunday School Program of Our Savior sponsors two special children, Hosea and Celeste, through Compassion International. Through our weekly offerings, we provide food, medicine, clothing and shoes, and many opportunities for Christian Education for Hosea and Celeste. What a terrific opportunity we have to help others in need. Thank you so much for your support each week. Pictures and information about our Compassion Children are on the bulletin board in the Sunday School Opening Area.




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